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Hey all, got my first veiled chameleon yesterday! Before I head to the store to pick up more supplies, I was wondering what all will be best for my new baby to eat! He has been eating crickets as well as fruit flies constantly and seems to enjoy hunting them. From what i have read, it seems important to have a variety in his diet. Also what sort of calcium or vitamins do you all recommend? I am a little worried about the heat of the cage....The top area of the cage seems to stay at a constant 80-85. Is this too little heat for the little guy during the day? Also what types of live plants do they enjoy the most?
Hi and welcome to chameleon ownership! Your temps seem fine. The most common plants used and that are chameleon safe are pothos, ficus, sheffelera/arboricola and hibiscus. Veilds are plant eaters so you have to make sure the plants are not toxic. Also, if you look on the home page and to the far right there is a box that says "Chameleon Care Starts Here: Click on that and look up care sheets for Veild Chameleon and it will answer all your questions on how to take care of your new little one.
Welcome and congratutations on your first chameleom. Along with the crickets you could offer some small worms such as silkworms. The rule of thumb is no feeders wider than the space between their eyes.
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