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Hi everyone!

I will be picking up our new Jackson's tomorrow evening. I'm adopting a 1 1/2 year old female from someone who can no longer keep her. He is a breeder who has many other herps on his plate right now and needs to place a few so we've always wanted a cham and this just seemed like a good situation that kind of fell into our laps!

A little bit about our zoo:
We have four dogs (two German Shepherds and two Chinese Cresteds), four cats, two parrots (a Goffin's Cockatoo and a Senegal), and two Bearded Dragons. So why not add a cham?? lol

I've done a lot of research on chams prior to this (a couple of years ago as we were looking to possibly purchase one then) so I know a little about them. But I'm looking forward to learning much more! I'll start surfing the forums for info!

Catch everyone later!
welcome... im orginally from dayton ohio... now i stay in hawaii.. man i dont miss the cold weather

I don't blame you! Especially since we've just had snow and the Cleveland Indians had to go play in the dome in Milwaukee for their 'home opener'. lol

Pics will probably come this weekend as she was uber stressed on Monday night. Her color was finially coming back yesterday and she was up on her ficus (rather then on the floor of her cage) with her eyes open.
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