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Just thought id introduce myself.
my name is matt. I live in pearl city Hawaii (oahu).
went to a pet warehouse the other day to search for some things for my dog. And who could guess what i saw when i went I saw some chameleon's. i got so excited lol.

So this weekend I will be building the habitat. then afterwords i will go pick one out :D I've been doing some research about the whole chameleon thing. I do have four Turtles that are kept out on the lanai. I do plan on keeping the chameleon in my room.
I was just searching about the different types of chameleons that i could get.
but a quick search gave me THE answer lol

So I will update this later on, and before I go, I will appoligize for all the different subjects said right after the other with nothing in

Aloha and welcome! Be sure and post some pics when you get your new chameleon. You have come to the right place if you have any questions.
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