New Icarus Sleeping pic

Nice, how old is he? and what local (guessing ambiloble becuase he looks alot like mine while sleeping, but I'm not great at knowing locals)

and lastly the name begs the question. have you warned him not to fly to close to the basking lamp?
lol he is 6 months old and yes he is a ambilobe, he is one of the offspring from Bonzaii at Chamalot chams, I am kinda hoping he doesnt get too close to the basking light, I would hate to see him get burned and fall from grace, but he doesnt climb on the roof of the enclosure so I dont believe that will happen
Yay! for Icarus pictures!

Wow I am surprised by his bars. Does he always show that much red in his bars?

I have some of his holdback brothers and they have more blue than red.

Keep the pictures coming!
Dez I am very curious as to how he is going to turn out to, I will post some more pics in the coming days but it seems as though those bars are mainly dark during the day with the body being green, his blue bar runs all the way to his mouth and wraps around the jaw, I hope he gets more blue in but I think those red bars are going to stay unless they change as he matures. This is my first cham experience so I dont know what to expect or look forward to in regards to color as he gets older
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