New home for my brev.


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Enclosure size: 17 inch(w) x 11(d) x 13(h)
Lighting: fluorescent tube x1
Watering: hand misting twice a day
Plant: Pothes (right) and Bird's-nest fern (left)
Population: 1.2 Brev

:D Welcome all opinions.:D


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Looks good, Patrick; maybe a couple more plants would be good. Do you have a hygrometer in there? I'm wondering about the vented sides of the tank...I have a hard time keeping the humidity real high in my 10g's with screen tops.
Hi jleahl,

I have an eletronic hygrometer, but haven't put it inside because misting will demage it. In fact, I was worried about the humidity at the begining of use this tank. But I found that they look fine over time (~ 2 months), therefore, i use it until now. I keep the humidity about ~80% normally, and ~90% after misting. Thank you for your comment.

BTW, how high the humidity you are keeping? with what temperature? How high the humidity should be kept for brev you think?
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