New Home for Future Chameleon

Hello, Everyone. :)
I hope everyone is doing well!!

So, after much time, money, and research here is the finished product. I am open to any and all scrutiny, I want this home to be just right by the time I bring home the new baby.

So here are the details:

Home: Hybrid screen and solid. Solid door and rear, screened sides. Drain at the bottom for very easy maintenance. (I'm not sure if giving the name of the company who made this is within the rules. So I won't say unless a Mod tells me otherwise.)
Lighting: Zoo Med Reptisun 5.0 T-5 24 w. Grow light for plants and a 60 w regular light bulb for the heat lamp.
Hydration: Mistking. Set for 3 sessions a day at 2 min per session. Auto dripper.
Temp readers: 2 ea, One near the top and one near the bottom.
Air evaporator for cooling at night and helps with extra humidity as well. Only set for 6 hours at night for help with temp drop. (Most likely getting a Jackson's :) )
Numbers: On average: Basking temps at 82 degrees. Daytime temps.. the top half of the enclosure runs at 78 degrees while the lower at 72 degrees. Humidity around 55-65%.
Nighttime: 67 to 68 degrees (We are in the summer months and the ambient air is still quite warm) It is within the recommended 10-degree temp drop needed. Humidity at 75%
Plants: All live foliage and on the safe to have list :). The plants still need to fill in more, especially at the top, but I am not planning on getting the Chameleon until February or March. So, lots of time for it to fill in :)

Well, there you have it. What am I missing? What can I do better? Go for it, I have thick skin :)

Many Thanks,

sorry, if you said this already but did you build this from scratch all by yourself?


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Hello, welcome.. Looks so good. ♡ so happy to have you here. So cool that you fell in love. My aunt was iffy about it too. Now she comes in & talks to him almost everyday & when I have him out (his choice) she throws her arm right up for him to walk on lol. I'd like to think she loves him.
I wish I did my research & planned months ahead. But woah you have some patience lolol. Good for you though.
I'm sure you're going to do wonderful ^ I can't wait for you to meet your beloved. & truly can't wait to see.
I'll be patient then again, I have no choice haha😁😅


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Welcome to the forums! Dale is awesome! I visit him everytime we go to California. I’m sure your will be a good keeper starting out with a healthy chameleon from Jillian is the way to go.
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