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Hey whats up cham world. My names Alex and i just bought a pair of jacksons. I am new to keeping chameleons but have kept other herps in the past (mainly snakes). I got these beauties through a friend who got me a nice deal on them. Anyhow i think they are adjusting ok, both have fed on a few crickets since i set them up. Without further a do, heres a couple of pics i snapped yesterday:



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Thanks for the welcome guys. Yes i been reading up on a lot of info all day over these critters. I almost want to say the female may be gravid, in which case puts more pressure on me to get her a cage ASAP!! She is a bit on the chubby side. I also added a bit more foliage to help them from hiding from each other meanwhile i get the housing situation resolved.


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Heres a pic of the female. Can anyone help me confirm my suspicions of her being gravid? Shes been very standoff-ish towards the male. Rocking back and forth letting him know its a no go. And has maintained these colors for the most part. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks folks.


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Yep, I'd say she is gravid, which means you are going to have live birth Jacksons eating machines soon.

You need to get a separate enclosure with a screen top for the babies with climbing branches, and you need to get fruit fly cultures that are producing.

They will need the same UVB light the adults need.

Welcome to the Forum, you are going to be a Grandpa.....SOON:D

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