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Hi there!

I'm new here! I've been lurking for a long time and finally decide to sign up. After researching for about 6 months, and finally finding the perfect chameleon for me, we will be bringing home our new little guy tomorrow!

I had been looking to adopt an older chameleon for a long time. It breaks my heart when people get tired of their reptiles and don't give them the love they need, so I did not want to purchase a baby.

I finally decided on a one year old male veiled named Feeny (previously Henry). I have my screen enclosure set up with a free range area that we can hopefully use once he has settled in.

I live in Canada with my husband and daughter, I have three freshwater aquariums, 2 dogs and 2 cats (a little zoo!).

Nice to meet you all and thank you for all the information I've gathered from here by lurking!!



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Welcome to the forums. I'm glad you decided to become a member. You will love it here. I keep veileds and they are awesome chameleons and show so much personality. They are an absolute pleasure to keep. They have a way of working their way right into your heart really fast. Post some pictures of Feeny when you can and just incase you haven't seen my blog for new keepers I have it attached below.


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Thank you for the warm welcomes! Expect a flood of photos as soon as he has settled in and wants to be photogenic ;)

And thank you, Jannb! I have actually read your blog for new keepers and referred to it a few times, it was an awesome source of information!
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