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Hey there im happy to find a active community that have the same intrest that i have. Me and my wife own several diffrent reptiles.

I recently made a new chameleon enclosure , and well just wanted a chance to show it off 8). I look forward to thumbing threw all the forums and pictures here and hope you guys take a look at my video's of my reptile setup's and my new chameleon enclosure. Aswell any constructive critism that is helpful.

Thanks Alot

Ps. Ill have the completed enclosure on the next video ill post it under this one
Hi, nice collection you have there. I have a few inputs on your cage. I don't know what your plans are in the future, but the sides should be a screened mesh, because chameleons need good ventilation. (Not all sides need to be). Also you are going to want to elevate your cage off the floor. The chameleon should sit around eye level. That's my input for now. It's looking good. Hope to see the finished project! And welcome to the forums. :)
I'm liking the finished product. A lot better than my store bought screen cage. I'm jealous. I wouldn't recommend a fan because chameleons hate any air flow from air vents and such, and it might decrease the humidity, and I've read Jackson's like higher humidity. I think the screen at the back should do the trick. Otherwise I think that's a great cage for your guy!
i added some fake hanging vines to the top to add some more vegitation to the enclosure. He realy seems to like that. Thanks for the advice.
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