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My name is Ellie and after doing a lot of research, I purchased my first chameleon. (His name is Leon). I have owned a Ball Python and a Western Fence Lizard in the past, but I’m new to chameleons. Mine is a juvenile male, just 3-4 weeks old. He seems to exhibit normal behavior for chameleons his age based on what I’ve read. I monitor his humidity and temp all day because he seems to dress very easy. I included pictures of him, when I have time tomorrow I’ll take some of his enclosure. (Please excuse poor photo quality, these were taken just before his bedtime lol). Any advice or input is very appreciated!


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Welcome on here and congrats! If you want to fill out this form in as much detail as possible, including pics of his entire enclosure, his lights, and a side-view pic of the back of his back feet, it'd be greatly appreciated!

Chameleon Info:
  • Your Chameleon - The species, sex, and age of your chameleon. How long has it been in your care?
  • Handling - How often do you handle your chameleon?
  • Feeding - What are you feeding your cham? What amount? What is the schedule? How are you gut-loading your feeders?
  • Supplements - What brand and type of calcium and vitamin products are you dusting your feeders with and what is the schedule?
  • Watering - What kind of watering technique do you use? How often and how long to you mist? Do you see your chameleon drinking?
  • Fecal Description - Briefly note colors and consistency from recent droppings. Has this chameleon ever been tested for parasites?
  • History - Any previous information about your cham that might be useful to others when trying to help you.

Cage Info:
  • Cage Type - Describe your cage (Glass, Screen, Combo?) What are the dimensions?
  • Lighting - What brand, model, and types of lighting are you using? What is your daily lighting schedule?
  • Temperature - What temp range have you created (cage floor to basking spot)? Lowest overnight temp? How do you measure these temps?
  • Humidity - What are your humidity levels? How are you creating and maintaining these levels? What do you use to measure humidity?
  • Plants - Are you using live plants? If so, what kind?
  • Placement - Where is your cage located? Is it near any fans, air vents, or high traffic areas? At what height is the top of the cage relative to your room floor?
  • Location - Where are you geographically located?

Current Problem - The current problem you are concerned about.


Please Note:
  1. The more details you provide the better and more accurate help you will receive.
  2. Photos can be very helpful.
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