New Cham, Who’s this ?!?

Chameleon Info:
  • Your Chameleon - Female Veiled Chameleon, approximately a baby lol not that much bigger then my finger
  • Handling - I pretty much hold her a few times a day only because when the cage is opened (I usually leave it open) she reaches out at me. I’d assume it’s because she thinks my dreads are vines/limbs
  • Feeding - I was feeling her crickets, but got info on here that they are crap so went and got some super worms and just started those today so crickets and super worms no schedule yet
  • Supplements - Rep cal Herptitive, Calcium with VIT.D3 and Calcium (not sure what any of them do lol came with my chameleon starter kit)
  • Watering - haven’t pulled the trigger ona mister yet but so far I just spray the cage on shifts me and my girlfriend
  • Fecal Description - Haven’t really examines her poop , it looks sorta bird poop like but I’ll make sure to check it out next poop and haven’t been to the vet yet still looking for a reptile vet near me
  • History - Got it from petsmart, they told me a bunch of false info lol

Cage Info:
  • Cage Type - Repti Breeze 18x18x30
  • Lighting - Zoo med Lights that came with chameleon started lit
  • Temperature - Haven’t really dove into that yet but with the temp probe that came with it they highest is 75 close to the lights and it’s about 70 closer to the bottom
  • Humidity - I have a average humidity level thingy I usually keep it around 70 , not sure if it’s too high or low that’s why I’m here
  • Plants - It’s all fake now but wanna buy something live for the inside any recommendations would be lovely
  • Placement - Cage is right by my bed, replace the alarm clock with a chameleon cage lol
  • Location - Atlanta Ga

Not any current issues but she eats and licks water off the cage and leaves so I’d assume she’s iight. I just need some mister pointers and since she’s a baby how do I get to feed her like is there anything I can sub in as a feeder that’ll be where she can always find her food since the cage is so big.
You can try using a feeder cup, also I use fruit flies they scatter all over the cage and plants. If you gutload crickets there ok.
So where would you place a feeder cup up high or on the bottom ? just curious I know my setup is gonna change once I optimize it but just tryna get others ideas and knowledge or even examples of any of you guys use feeder cups
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