new cham enclosure!


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I Just finished putting together my new veiled cham enclosure, and now im looking for some comments! please leave your feeling on my new habitat and any changes that i may need to make!
They are in my gallery!!
thanks everyone!!!:)
Hi Jboychyn,

I would recommend some bamboo sticks or something along those lines cable tied to the back and sides of your enclosure (Preferbly tied to the plastic tubes of your flexarium). In my experience, if you have a screen cage, the chameleons tend to climb on them. With only their nails going through the screen and supporting their entire body weight, they can get damaged. I have had this problem before. Its just to be on the safe side to reduce any harm to your chameleon and also provide extra climbing facilities.
Depending on how warm your room temperature is, I would myself bring the light in abit more and maybe further down. My lamp reflector sits about 1cm above my flexarium and the basking spot being about 20-25cm below the lamp. This enables maximum warmth, basking temp and more light into the flexarium. And the other side being the cooler area. All this is dependant on your room temp and your basking lamp wattage. This is just to give you an idea.
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