new babies


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Finally! I have been working on the tank since January and it finally has two new inhabitants. I'm in love w them already, now if we could just name them!

Our two whites tree frogs.







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I love how they change from brown to bright green. They are too cute. Last night they were both sitting in their lagoon w their arms on the sides like you would sit facing out of a hot tub. They sat there and watched me fill their food bowl. Then feasted on crickets and silk worms.

The moths laid hornworm eggs last night so the froggies will get those soon. I can't wait until the frogs are nice and big and I don't have to worry about feeding them such tiny food.


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I really like them, they are interesting frogs and get big enough to eat all the same feeders as my chameleons, which is also a plus.


Agreed they do look really cool might look into them. I see them at my local reptile shop All the time. Some Re so colourful
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