New 2month old jackson


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Well, I was told to feed my new baby about 2 crickets a day, is this a really good feeding habit or should i do more? he/she is eating crickets out of my hand, but i cant get it on mealworms yet, hmm.
I would say that is no where near enough to feed a baby chameleon just two crickets a day. How big are these crickets? I hope they are small ones. Don't feed mealworms to a baby, I wait until my chameleons are sub adult at least. Most baby chameleons enjoy fruit flies, tiny pinhead crickets and hatchling locusts.
I'm in no way an expert in Jackson's. Panthers are my specialty. But, I can tell you this... Baby chameleons needs LOTS of food, not just two crickets a day. You should be giving fruit flies and/or pinhead crickets and lots of them! Depending on the size of your baby's head, (width from eye to eye) is the largest size of anything you should offer. The rest advice, I'll leave to those who are Jackson's owners/experts.

Do you dust? And gutload your food?
2 is not nearly enough for a baby cham. I would go more with around 10-12 and like prism said try to vary the food your chameleon gets(fruitflies being great for any baby chameleon)
Okay, what I'll do is put up some pictures, who may I tell the sex of my chameleon again? Also I've been dusting so far. the cricket are considered small from pet smart though but they seem to be as big as the wood tip on a pencil
I know my baby Veileds eat like champs. In the morning, they each eat around 10, then by noon, they are hovering over the food dish looking for more. I put a dozen more in, they eat a few more, but there is usually a few left. Then by around 5-6pm they are looking for more, so I usually just put in a few more since its lights out for them around 7:30pm and they wont get alot of basking time to digest them proberly. They also eat my Hibiscus plants as well.

Growing Chams have a big appetite.

It seems like whenver I buy crickets, its already time to order more.
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