Nemos off to the vets, wont be returning this time :(


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Sadly, it is time for her to be put down.
she never recovered from the bad arm she had, had xrays done and no breaks or gout crystals. always had gutloaded crickets, good humidity and kept my husbandry standards high.

her grabbing of her limbs/tail resulted in puncturing her tail and abdomin. the tail injury got worse and the crickets ate through it and exposed the tail bone (about 5mm of it) she is falling every 5 mins now and very weak.

i wont be posting pictures as i feel sick just looking at it.
She managed to get to 7 months old (3 months of this unknown bad arm issue)

I feel terrible that i couldn't do more, i will return to chams one day but after my gf spent so much on the setup, i will be getting a bearded dragon.

in memory of nemo
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Sorry for your loss. I know how heartbreaking it can be.

Before you get another one, IMHO you should go over your supplements and what you feed the insects regarding the calcium, phosphorous, D3 and preformed vitamin A content.
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