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hey every one just got my first two chameleons im very new to this, they are a boy and girl dwarf jacksons. one started shedding today and i dont know if they need a rock or some thing for them so rub up against. and if u guys want to part with any tips and tricks i would be great full.
just give it some extra misting time. warm water helps too. if they are used to being handled and they don't get too stressed you can take them out and let them walk on you. it gets them moving so they stretch out of the old keratin
i know this might be a dumb question but...should i be spraying them or the things around them....or both?
not a dumb question, you probably think it would stress the shit outa them. but yes, you spray both. if it does get stressed only spray them a little. warm to room temperature water, a very fine mist if possible
Spray/ MIST the entire enclosure, but not the chameleon. Baby chams cant ahndle direct spray as well as adults.
Ok cool that's good to know. They don't ever seem to mind when I get to close to them with the spray but I'll def.. Not going to spray them now. Cool thanks

Should I get a humidity meter or is that really not needed as long as I keep up with the mist
depends on what kind of chameleon. some are not too sensitive to humidity, especially yemens. it is good to have either way though. the higher the humidity, the lesser the chance of them becoming dehydrated.
There dwarf jacksons I'm not sure how old but there about 2 inches long ( with out the tale)
i do not know much about jacksons, but either way, a humidity gauge can't hurt. they are inexpensive. i suggest getting one and keeping the humidity between 40 and 80, more towards 80 while basking. if your chameleons have a way of getting a lot of water through drip, syringe, dew, or whatever, it probably is not needed but i am not entirely sure.
a humidity gauge is a must they are cheap and digital ones are really accurate but you should always have an analog to make sure that it is still working also try to keep the humidity between 40% and 60% a little higher or lower once in a while wont hurt anything though. btw congrats i get mine in a few hours and i have been asking a lot of these ?s too
I'll def. Get one now just to be safe. That's great to here I wish good health to u and ur pet. Thanks for all the help guys
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