Need to keep Mist King water in


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So I have finished setting up my Mist King but now I need to know how to keep the water from getting all over the floor from the sides of the cage.

Any suggestions wold be greatly appreciated-:D
Mine doesnt get water all over the floor.

I aim my nozzles at the plants and they drip down into the pots.
Do you have a drainage system? you can put up a shower curtain around 2 sides of the cage to keep the water from going everywhere
I will test it but i've got a 16X16X30 cage and I am worried about mist coming out of the left and right sides if i don't block them some how.
yeah don't you remember i gave you an idea for your drainage system
anyways ive found these awesome background films that this company will cut perfect size for you can i use that?
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