Need some help with Jackson ASAP!


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Hello, Can someone please tell me what this is or what would cause it? I noticed a black dot on his rear yesterday and today it looks like this. Any help and suggestions of what I can do would be great!


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It looks like a wound.

Do you leave crickets roaming around the enclosure?

How about sharp sticks?

You need to put some Neosporin on that asap, and get to a vet for proper medication.
A black dot? How big was the dot compared to the wound in the picture? Definitely need to get him to a vet ASAP either way.
it was a black spot about the size of a dime and this morning I looked at him and it was red and had dried blood all down his tail. There is no way it could be a chemical or flame burn as he always stays in his cage. His lights are a good eight inches from his basking spot and he never climbs on the cage. He did have crickets in there which I took out this morning. He seems to be acting normal good colors just a little sleepy but that might be due to just being on a weekend vacation and his lights were not turned on and off correctly by the chamsitter.
You still need to put Neosporin on it.

If it gets infected, it could be detrimental to your chams health.
yikes! if i were you id get the little guy to the vet ASAP!!! if there was dried blood then that could meen hat something sharp is hurting him. check around the place he sleeps and his favorite place to be during the day to see if theres anything sharp!:eek:
He could be rubbing it on something rough because it itches. Keep an eye out for other spots on his skin - just in case it is some sort of skin infection.

Does it extend down to his vent like he might be impacted or infected and trying to relieve himself?

Poor little guy. Vet asap, and he needs a parasite check, so take fresh droppings with you.
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