Need some help guys i hope everyone can pitch in!


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Okay so my chameleon is 4 months old now. He is about 6-7 inches long nose to tail. I did just transfer him into his new cage.
This cage is rather large for him, and i do think ill have to get a mid size cage for him because lately his feeding has been bad.
Please note, he has never been the type of cham who will go crazy when i toss crix in the cage, he is very paced. Ill catch him eat one or two, then wont eat till later.
Is this normal?
Anyways, he doesnt really take cup feeding well, and im just wondering what else i can do to get him to feed ?
His basking is measured with an IR gun at 85-89 varying.
I cant free range the feeders, they will all fall to the bottom.. pointless. He does eat his pheonix worms off of a lid though.. actually ate one out of my hand.
Anyways.. like i said he is 6-7 inches at 4 months. His cage does have a mistking that goes off 4 times a day at 15 seconds each.. his cage is solid walled so i figured id reduce mistings becuase the humidity will hold much better. He does get proper venting as i keep the doors open on the cage so he gets lots of airflow. cage is never wet. He poops everyday normal colors and all, so i know hes hydrating and eating... but i just know its not enough!
i dont want to malnourish him at such an age and limit his full size potential!
Any ideas are appreciated!
Also if someone is selling an 18x18x36 cage or similar size im willing to buy for a better then retail price assuming its used. I want the best for my animal and will take any criticism well. Ty guys get back asap hes sleeping now i want to make any edits i can before the am.


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If no one takes you up on the cheap/used cages, Ozbo has new Reptibreeze 18x18x36 cages for $58.15 + flat rate shipping at $4.95. Enter the code "Pets5off" and get 5% off your order. Should be $60.19 with shipping, assuming you're not in the same state as their distro center.

I'm in no way affiliated with Ozbo--but they seem to have the cheapest new Reptibreeze cages that I can find.


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I do recommend that you try feeding your chameleon just have to make sure they are the right size. I think the worms you are feeding are not 100% the best nutrition wise. Crickets can also free roam and make them work for their food.

I think you should switch to a screen cage as soon as possible.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


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that would be what i would do is get him in a screen cage ASAP , i have heard people say the same thing about them not eatig as much in glass, my chams love to tongue down crickets climbing up and down the screen


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Where do you live and what is the humidity in the area that his cage is in? A solid wall cage is appropriate if you need to hold in humidity. but you will also hold in heat so it is a balance.

If he is pooping everyday and the poops are firm and solid you have a healthy little guy and I wouldn't worry. You are welcome to post a picture of his poop and we can give an experienced opinion :)

Attached is a picture of a feeding "dish" that can be used to keep feeders from falling to the floor and getting lost. It is made from a well washed out milk jug with shade cloth hot glued to the back. The crickets will climb up the shade cloth and provide a very tempting target. Most importantly, this can happen when you are not around. Your little guy may just be shy and not feel like eating in front of you.

What are you feeding him? Phoenix worms are a great part of a diet, but he will need a variety so some crickets and fruit flies may inspire him to take more shots.

Also, what is the temperature at the coolest part of the cage? And where does he like to rest? This can give you an indication if you have a good enough temperature gradient.

Honestly, the picture you posted shows what appears to be a healthy looking chameleon. Let's do some more trouble shooting, but you could very well be worrying needlessly.

edit: (btw, the shade cloth in the feeder picture goes all the way down to the bottom of the feeder so the crickets can easily reach it for climbing up)



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one more big is the cage he is in? It is hard to have a cage too large. As long as you can have a feeder cup where he can see it you shouldn't have a problem with a cage being too big. Panthers have a way of finding food when they want it!
Don't shrink his cage unless it truly is the solution to a problem. And I don't think we have yet conclusively determined that there truly is a problem in your case.

He is a good looking panther! I like the attitude! Feel free to post more pictures of his cage, set-up, and him in his cage acting as he does normally. It is amazing how many questions a picture can answer. It may inspire some insight that we did not think to share with you.

Edit: I just clicked on the right place to see the cage. Wow! That is some digs for a little guy! I think you are fine. Just note his habits. He will like to bask in one spot and he will like to hang out in one spot. He'll put together some sort of daily routine. Put a feeder dish near his path or basking spot or "hanging out" spot and he should respond as he stumbles upon it. The feeder I posted before is great because you can easily move it anywhere. Don't get too wiggy about him eating on your schedule. It will just freak him out.

The best way to know if you should worry is to weigh him. If he maintains weight or gains weight then don't worry. If he losses weight then you know you have an issue. Chameleons that age should be gaining weight steadily. A plateau in weight gain is suspicious, but any indication of going in the other directions a bona fide warning sign. Then your worries are justified!

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Start feeding him 1/4 inch crickets and dust them with a supplement. Such as repashy. Also please put him in a screen cage. Yes u will have a water problem but u can empty the water out every other day to prevent overflows.


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Guys, before we tell him to change to a screen enclosure we need to know the conditions of his house. It is winter. Many houses are too cold for Pardalis. If his house hovers in the 60s then switching to a screen cage will relegate the chameleon to sticking by the heat lamp all day and getting too cold during the night. Sure there are ways of mitigating these problems, but that becomes a different thread. Is his big semi-walk in enclosure causing problems with heat retention, excess humidity, or stale air? In that case, I would think it better to add a screen panel with an adjustable solid panel so the balance can be maintained no matter the season. He has a great size enclosure that the panther will enjoy through adulthood. The size of his enclosure removes a number of the reasons solid walls typically are problematic.

I have a chameleon room that is kept at a very comfortable temperature so screen cages are perfect, but if I was to keep a chameleon in any other room in my house during winter I would put together a cage like his. ( Summer is a whole different story...can't have retained heat then)

Screen cages are great and work well with chameleons, but they are not always the proper housing. I am merely suggesting we be careful with our quick advice to switch to a screen cage. Unless I missed something - was there something that specifically pointed to there being a problem with the environmental conditions? I got the idea it was a problem with presenting food. ( which is an extra challenge to having a baby in an adult size cage)


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the reason i think it is a problem with the cage is due to the fact that he does not cup feed. and the food cant climb up the walls because it is wood, so they stay on the bottom and he doesnt seem them. I know his temps are fine and it isnt the reason he wont go down there. I can now slightly see his ribs and his skin is rather chalky. I know a shed is coming but i dont think he can pop his skin until he pigs out. I dont want to rid of this cage but i too think screen is the answer. my home doesnt go belowe 70 degrees and i think if his food can free range and get involved in his environment i can get him back on the right foot.
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