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Just a couple questions!! We have a almost 1 yr old Veiled Cham. We know we are in desperate need of a new/bigger cage, so if anyone knows where to get a big cage let me know. But health wise before we reorganized his cage for him to fit around in there better. He liked to try and go inbetween places he knew he couldnt fit, and about the middle of his spikes on his back they seemed to have rubbed on the screen cage and they didnt bleed or anything, but it almost looks like they are infected. They aren't the normal size of his others?? Ive felt them and look at them almost everyday on the sides they were a blackish color now they have gone to a greenish yellow. Almost like they are trying to heal but i am unsure!! Its only about 3 of them but im still unsure..if anyone has any input i would greatly appreciate it!:( We just dont want are little guy to be unhealthy
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