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Chameleon Info:

* Your Chameleon - Male Veiled Chameleon. 6-7 months old i think. got him when he was really young
* Handling - Minimal handling when cleaning and on occassion
* Feeding - Moved to large crickets a few weeks ago. hes eating around 5 a day. also superworms and wax worms every other day. gutloading crickets with apples, dandelion greens and flukers orange cube.
* Supplements - Repcal calcium w/o d3 everyday. Calcium w/3 and herptivite twice a month
* Watering - Misting 2-3 times daily for 1 minute. Little dripper ocassionally. I used to always see him drink but not recently. He hates misting. He typically hides
* Fecal Description - Brown with white urate. never been tested
* History - Switced cages and lighting about a month ago

Cage Info:

* Cage Type - 24x24x48 LLL Screen cage.
* Lighting - reptisun 5.0 uvb linear 24", and a 40 watt house bulb for basking. lights on 12 hours a day on a timer
* Temperature - temp range 65-84 degrees. basking is about 84. ive got a digital thermometer
* Humidity - humidity 35%-60%. mist cage 2-3 times a day. little dripper and ice cubes as well.
* Plants - Dracaena and banana ficus.
* Placement - Cage is in my room next to a window overlooking my sideyard. Cage is about 5ft from the ceiling. stands about 5ft high
* Location - San Diego, ca

Recently, when I walk in to find him, he will be at the bottom of the banana ficus almost completely black, and sometimes looking at the soil in the pot. He typically begins to climb back up and turn back to a light green color as soon as I entered the room. I switched basking lights from a 50w basking light to a 40w housebulb to lower the temps to about 84 in the basking spot, and now i see him basking about half of the time. is there any reason he would be down at the bottom so frequently when im not around?

There was a question about him possibly being female, so i posted a picture of his spurs just to make sure.

Definately male. Probably hanging around the bottom due lack of visual security at the top,
it feels exposed to predators.
Can you post an updated pic, you didnt mention fake plants.
ya def, a male, u r using repcall herptivte? correct? i believe that they use a beta carotine source of vit a and there is some debate as to weather chams can convert beta carotine to useable vit a. u should be able to find threads on this but beware its a very debated issuse with no definative anwser.
sorry yeah i forgot to mention that I have several fake vines in there. that picture is literally from yesterday. So you think that maybe put some more fake plants around the top to keep him from being seen from the top of the enclosure? wanted to add, and just asking, if he was feeling exposed to predators why would he crawl up to the top when i come in, but stay at the bottom when im around?
he looks pretty healthy to me. I was the one that inquired about the female thinking maybe it was female looking for place to lay buy I was wrong! I have to say my chameleon is very dark during the day and hangs out on the lowest branch in the cage alot. He does come up periodically to bask though. I have noticed this behavior more since the winter months have come even though I live in Florida. I think maybe we read too much into things!!!! As long as he is eating and drinking I don't think I would worry to much about his behavior. If his urate is white and his eyes are not sunken then he probably is drinking when you are not looking.
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