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I am new to the forum and need help identifying a species.....I am not an expert on chameleons (yet), but I love reptiles and want to learn more since I have so many around me in Florida....I found this guy today (cornered by my cat) and I am not sure if it is the chameleon species or if it is considered a lizard.....I am hoping someone can help me identify it since it is definitely one that I have not come across since most of the critters that come around are not striped....I am a novive, so if I am in the wrong forum please let me know....many thanks, I just want to have more information about this little guy since I am seeing more of them around lately and want to know all about them.


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Howdy, That isnt a chameleon species. I can tell you that with confidence. :)

Looking at it, without more pictures, I would lean towards a S.E Five-lined Skink or Six-lined Racerunner.

There are a few biologists on the forum who may be able to more correctly identify your critter. :D
Skink answers/replies

:DThanks so much for the replies, i will research to see why these are showing up so often all of a sudden....I was thinking it was not a chameleon, but I wasn't sure....this site is great though and I am learning alot by surfing, have a great weekend!
The links were VERY sounds like they are harmless to humans, and it sounds like they would be not be poisonous to an animal that would eat them (like a cat)...mine tend to just play with them, but I was afraid that if he got too agressive and decided to chomp on one whether it would hut him or not....I guess there is a myth out there about stinging tails which is false from what I can read.....and it sounds like they are harmless....would be nice to know if you are in agreement with what I am reading. The links are great, and I probably could have tried to research more, but I am mentally limited right now due to a medical condition I am battling, so it is nice to know folks that can be a resource to answer questions....I REALLY appreciate it.
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