Need help on a worm ID

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jamest0o0, May 19, 2017.

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    so i was misting the bromeliad in walter's cage(my new nosey be) and i saw a little shadow squirming in between the yellow bromeliad leaves. I kept spraying and it crawled out. I tried to get it out but it crawled back in before i could.

    It was small, looked a tan/brown color with stripes almost like the colors of a lesser mealworm with dark ends. It was a soft squirmy type. Crawled like a maggot or worm, but didn't quite look like one. Has me freaked out now

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  2. jamest0o0

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    On further research it's these. I read they are common in broms and are good plant food?

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  3. Extensionofgreen

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    Looks like fungus gnat larvae. Harmless.
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