Need DIY ideas


7257E7FD-4E38-4701-A243-FD94E2C246CA.jpeg I picked up 12 pieces of free glass from the Facebook market that all measure 1/4” thick x 10.75” wide x 38.5” tall. I want to build a cage that is half glass and half screen and wood for a panther chameleon. Does anyone have any blueprints or any directional advice on how to go about starting this build from scratch. I don’t have a specific maximum size I just want to make a huge appealing cage. Any advice or feed back would be awesome!


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I would make a wood frame to hold maybe 2 pieces of glass on each side and like 4 pieces of glass on the back then do the front and top all screen. It all depends on how much space you have and how big you want it though.
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