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I just had a bunch of baby veileds hatch. It's now day 5 and I still haven't seen 1 eat. I have a plastic bin, with a UVB light, low wattage heat bulb. Temp. 80-85 on hot side. I mist 3-4 times a day.
I try looking for little poops but don't see any.
They seem active and health.

Theyre just not eating!
Has anyone experience this? Any advise? Add plants,remove plants?
Should I just be patient?

Any help or advise would help.
Thanks ahead of time.

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not expert on hatchlings but I would guess they should be eating. Maybe you are trying to feed them crickets that are too large. Get the smallest crickets you can buy for the hatchlings.


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Good news, they started eating today.
I have fruit fly cultures and cricket hatchlings that I'm feeding them.
I had a feeding cup and desided to let the bugs roam free in the tub.
That did the trick. Now they're eating good today.
May be useful info for some else in the future with picky hatchlings.
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