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Hello all!!!

I have posted this question on the breeding sub-forum and have had no certain response so I thought I would try here.

My female Jackson's had a litter of 19 beautiful baby's on December 3rd. About 2 hours after the last baby was born, I dusted 100 pinheads with calcium w/D3 and Multi vite.

Prior to the pinheads being released into the enclosure, they were gut loaded with fresh bok choy, carrots and oranges all grown organically in our garden.

Here is my concern, after I fed them the dusted crickets I realized that I had no idea if that would be good for them or harmful. It just seemed the rite thing to do, out of habbit maybe.

Should I be giving the babys supplements?
If so, will they have an adult chameleons supplement schedule or do they need supplements more or less often?

They are 11 days old now and I am starting to get real worried about there calcium levels as they have only had calcium and vites once the day they were born.

Thank you so much all! Any help, advice is greatly appreciated!!!!!

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Well they are baby jacksons and jacksons don't tolerate much in the way of supplements. Any time I supplement my jacksons I am very careful to dust very, very lightly. Babies I would supplement with plain calcium only, and them only once every 3 weeks.
Though I have never raised jacksons, I'm not sure I would only give calcium every 3 weeks. They are still babies, and babies still need a good amount of calcium. I would certainly use as minimal dust as possible, but I would use plain calcium AT LEAST every other or third day. You definitely want to bump up your gutloading though! Do some serious research on it and fill up those crickets! You want to rely on your gutload the most, and use the supplements as a just in case/balancer kind of thing. Remember that it is harder to overdose them on plain calcium compared to preformed vit A and D3.

My boyfriend's jacksons has been doing just fine with plain calcium every day, and a d3 and vit supplement every 6-8 weeks. He has actually been growing quite a bit!
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