Need a Portable pop up fully screened including/bottom, for outside playtime


Ok, I've seen the simi large butterfly foldable enclosures with zippered screed doors, w/screen floors, and I was hoping someone has anyone found a nice one that would be sturdy enough for a large plant while keeping the Cam safe w/no possibility of holes for curious Cams?
Something about 6ft by 4ft Or larger. Allowing sunlight etc. I could build one but was hoping there might be that's tested and trusted at a reasonable price.
Any ideas


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I've seen these a lot over the years and overtime one thing I notice when people post updated pictures and videos is that either the enclosures have changed or that there is a good bit of patch work on the screen material.

Keep in mind that our cham's little needle like claws have a chance of getting caught up in the netting material since its fabric strands unlike solid core wire. If their nails can get caught they will likely tear this thing up quickly as adults.

One Panther breeder I saw used these for his offspring exclusively where all his subadults & adults were moved into larger chicken wire based DIY enclosures. He didn't get into specifics about why he used what enclosures, but I would guess it has something to do with the netting taking a beating as the cham's get heavier and stronger as they get older.

If you're looking for a cheap & reliable outdoor enclosure, I would look into the DIY ones that are based off of 3 parts:

1) a roll of hardware cloth
2) two large clear planter dishes (used as the top and bottom of the enclosure)
3) zipties (to hold everything together.

For the price to put one together, you can easily crank out a few if you ever needed to for an overall low investment. Also, they will last a good while longer than the pop-up alternatives.
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