Need a little help figuring out the gender

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Help me gender this little one! I thought it was a boy for so long because his head topper seemed big for his little size, but now that hes growing up a bit he seems like the rest of him is growing but not his little hat, he doesnt have any prominent spurs, but hes small so i dont know if they would be distinct yet? Just pls help, his/her name is cosmo btw!


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Looks like a girl to me as well. It isn't 100% true about the tarsal spurs, due to the very rare, occasional female that has small spurs, but most of the time you can tell right out of the egg :). How old is the chameleon? I'm not seeing the typical male patterning either.
So youre telling me cosmo is probably cosma! Heres the hind legs, im not seeing any sort of spurs at all, my best guess on the age is about 5 months now


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