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Hey guys I've been researching veiled chameleons for months and set up ahome for him before I got my buddy "mad eye" and just got a new male veiled Cham 3 days ago! I built him a screen enclosure 2x2x3ft with lots of climbing area and UVB and heat lights. Temp is 83 during day and 68-72 at night. I'm having trouble getting him to eat. When I brought him home I sprayed the crickets with calc and multivit by zilla products. I was told he ate 5 large crickets a day. They seem too big but he went for one since then I haven't noticed any crickets eaten so I've taken them out and offered him again the next day. He's dropped waste once it looks pretty normal. I've tried free roam feeding and a feeder bowl but he doesn't seem interested in feeder bowl food. Any advice? He might just be getting used to the new home I'm not sure. Just want to give him the best home I can.
My veiled cham was the same way. More than likely he is mjust settling in to his new home and routine. If he has access to food and water, then just leave him be to settle in.

I did get your email. Thank you both for your advice. Right now I think he's figuring his home out. I'll keep trying both feeding methods and let him do his thing. Appreciate the help an love the site!
No problemo Andy, any time. :)

You could try hooking up the feeder bowl wherever he likes to hang out and spends the most time, even if he dosent use it right away, he'll get used to its being there, later you might drop a few worms in it and let him discover them.

Thanks I got him to eat this morning! Free roam crickets he didn't want the small so I gave him about 5 large and he ate 3 in a row! He tried to get a fourth down but dropped it....he really just basks a lot all day moves around when he thinks I don't see him... Haha haven't seen him drink but I know he knows where to get water he watches the drops when I mist it. I'm so stoked he looks fat!
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