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Man.. you really dont get the point. I said she did not make you look stupid or even tried to do that. Calm down and be nice to people who are trying to help you. Only because you are on internet does not make you important or always right. I’m just saying people here were trying to help you with your chameleon and help you realize that we all want good for you but you obviously cant get it. I really dont care for you I dont know even why I’m trying. See ya never!
For what it is worth I have seen this in my chams where they felt cornered to bask. Every time you make eye contact it is a threat when they feel cornered. I have one dark now because her cage needs minor tweeks. Keep in mind she is on a rack of 5 all set up the same. She just doesn't like her basking spot. In my male I had been using just some 6mil clear plastic to catch water and hold humidity at night. I tried to remove it as it was not needed. He went dark for a week, would not sleep in his normal spot. Once I put the plastic back, happy cham.
There is no rime or reason to this but they have personalities that we need to read. Even this kind of stress can lead to other issues. I have 7 current and I am constantly monitoring and question any thing that does not seem like normal wild behavior. Most of the time it is nothing but paying attention to these little signs is key to long term health.


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If you want us to help you in a constructive way, how would that be? The best way to get help (even if you don't think it is needed) is to fill out the husbandry form to make sure everything is 100%. It goes over basically every aspect of husbandry and lets us help you the best. Just let us know how to help so we can

Here is the thread where he filled out the form. Post number 36.
Was putting in her thermal probe and had her on my hand to cut the zip tie and she was enjoying herself swaying on the zip tie for a bit. Temps were actually dead on where I had my basking post prior. 80 degrees, so the darkness is either stress related or something behavioral like absorbing heat. Prior to taking this picture in the original post, I had just placed her on the basking post on a colder day, my guess is the stress from me handling (she unpoofed shortly after the photo) combined with the cold day, and stress from no plants. I think addressing the plant issues with her cage are the best bet. Thanks again for the patience and advice, it's the chameleons that matter at the end of the day not my feelings.


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