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The National American Reptile Breeders Conferance and Trade show will Feb 17th and 18th in Arlington Tx. I will be attending since it is only 25 minutes away. Bob Clark will be there Amazing Blue Reptiles, Blue venture tours with Bill Love. He does the tours in Madagascar showing chameleons in the wild, Zoo Med lab, reptile and many other interesting guests and speakers. I am so lucky it is coming near my home town. I am very excited and cannot wait to attend. I went to Bob Clarks reptile show as a vendor in August this show is suppose to be even bigger than that. I will be going for fun this time. Hope to see some other people from the chameleon forums attending.I know it will be very interesting.:
Ur lucky that u can go. For me it´s far far away. But don´t u know whether it is gonna be shown on tv or internet?
Bah............. I am so darn poor to fly is school lots of responsibility as a Teaching Assistant... that sucks........ !!
I went to the narbc and we were not dissapointed. I met the owner of amazing blue reptiles. He has a very nice setup for his shows. I am glad I went and I willl probably go again next year. My grandson loved all the differant reptiles frogs gheckos. He did not want to leave
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