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Did anyone make it out to the NARBC Reptile show today I saw Reptoman (Brian) there and I also finally got to meet Texas Ranger (Lee). Place was absolutely packed with people not much as far as Chameleons there but lots of feeders. I'll probably go back tomorrow just to see if I missed anything. Brian picked up a new Tarantula that he was going to show me and we forgot so let's see some pics!

Here's the info if you are interested
I'm new to the forum and was there at the expo. Had a great time and pick up a veiled juvenile from replies by Mac.
I know that TexasRanger just bought a short-tail from one of my good friends Black Snake Farm!

Yeah I did lol and she is awesome. I also got a pinstripe female and a whole lot of feeders lol. Did we get a chance to meet? It's always nice to meet other Cham owners.


No, unfortunately I wasn't able to make the trip down with Brandon and Trace, but it sounded like a lot of fun!
Nice to see someone from Granbury, Tx! I'm just a little west of you in Cresson. It's cool to see people on here so local!
Yea I am always stunned at how few people are from the DFW area. When I did Reef tanks there were 1000's of local people.
My daughter and I were there last week. We bought our first chameleon that day (after research from this forums and reading a few books).

Here are a few pics of our Nosy Be.


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