Names... Sigh


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Good morning...

A few days ago I decided on a name for my little cham. I told my husband the name and he doesn't like it...

He's named all of our pets except the dog. Whatever I come up with he doesn't like... so hoping someone can suggestsl some names lol
Hob bout' keeping with the Star Wars theme and go with Salacious Crumb, I believe he was Jabba the Hut's little pet.
I have yet to name my Cham as well. I keep thinking of pretty names for her but when I get a second opinion I'm in the same situation as you. What about foxxy cleopatra hahaha
:D This happened to my girlfriend and I. I wanted to name our guy Fonzi but she wouldn't let me! And after a couple days she came up with Renly and it stuck! So don't worry about it, it'll come to you! Just keep throwing names out and when you both say yes, you've got a winner!
Just start saying off the wall random names then say a normal one I suggest Stanislaus (is a saint) orgo with random old school composers
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