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Hello everyone. You will all be sad to hear that my Cyrro passed away a few months ago. Not sure what happened. He just got really sick all of a sudden. Lost a lot of weight and dispite my efforts and treatments he didn't make it.

I have been missing my little guy a lot. So I made a trip to a local reptile store and found a young female Veiled. She has a lot of spunk....and by spunk I mean attitude. :) She isn't very tame yet, likes to hiss and bite. Oh yay. *sarcasm*

Anyway, I can't think of a name for little cutie. So here are some pics that I took of her today. Any ideas would be great.


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Those definitely describe my new pet. You think she will calm down after a few days? Does it hurt when they bite? I got bit by my snakes all the time, but she has sharp little teeth in that mouth.

How old do they have to be before they become gravid? I heard that females bear eggs with or without a male. I know I need a deep pan of sand for her. Should I put one in there now?
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