Nachitos road to recovery


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I though here would be the best place to put updates about the Chameleon I’m now taking care of :)
Her name is Nachito and if u read the other threads about her, u would know she was greatly neglected for four days.

Well right now I’m taking care of her.
I wanted to update that so far after I got home, I sprayed some water on the mesh wall that she was next to and now she is lapping it up.
Next I grabbed a cricket from the back of the cage that was still alive and she took it from the tongs!

So I’m hopeful this is a start for her recovery!

Here’s her drinking
Poor girl does not look good
I thought I might update on Nachito! She is doing well, the cut on her arm (previously talked about in a different thread) has not changed and she I willing to eat out of my hand, (not yet climb on it tho) :)

There’s pretty much one more thing I currently need to buy, and that’s something that helps regulate the temperatures. I’ve found/been suggested on that I’ll hopefully get soon. (Want to get my next pay check before I buy it)

I just want to say everything is going well! Nachitos fine! She’s almost fully transferred to a every other day feeding schedule as she is 6-7 months old.
I’m still so very thankful to all the advice I’ve been given on helping Nachito recover and stop the progression of MBD


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She’s looking really good and eyes are back to normal, well done. She’s a beautiful girl 😍
How‘re the small bumps doing? Slowly starting to disappear or unchanged? It’s hard to tell in the pictures.
Was working with Nachito today! I think she’s becoming more used to me and my hand! She was in a precarious spot after eating her wax worm but after about 10-15 minutes she used my hand as a stepping stone to get back up easier! I’m hoping to fill her cage up with more plants after I nurse the fern back to health!
Here’s a photo of her just chilling
Another update for y’all!
Got a camera for Nachitos cage!!! It’s not the best quality but I’m able to watch her when I’m out of the house!

And here’s some photos I took with my camera


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I so glad she’s doing better! What age do u think she might start showing adult colors? She’s about 6-7 months old
No idea and in my opinion, the longer it takes, the better. Best for her to be fully recovered and as healthy as possible before producing and needing to lay eggs. I do think she’s getting there though…some very subtle hints of teal around her pretty face and casque and her patterns are starting to show.
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