my veiled keeps climbing upsidown on the screen top!!


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What should i do?:confused:

it is a 10 gallon TANk so the nly screen is the top im planing on geting him a 38 reptarum i gutloud the crickets with flukers i use t rex chamelon supplement i have a ficus benjimina and a pothos I also have 1 exo terra ampollo fake plant and a medium exoterra fake plant i mist him twice a day with warm water. i put calcimize in the water. I have a exoterra waterfall not to deep for him to drown in.(use calcimize for all water)
i use the flukers fabric substrate the lighting is exoterra 8.0 15w flouresent and a 50w exoterra sunglo baking bulb. he is more than a month old almost 2 inces lone not including the tail
Hello kittykelly, welcome to the chameleon forums :)

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What are your temperature and humidity levels? Aquariums can really heat up when using basking lights. Move him into a better cage asap; aquariums are a bad idea. I don't recommend the waterfall either.
A 38 gallon reptarium would be fine for a few months. However, your cham will grow fast and will need something larger eventually.
It would be easier to buy the right size cage now for his adult stage then to continually stress him out with constant housing changes. It might take 5 mijns to find him, but he'll be happier in the long run.

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