my veiled hates misting


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I feel like he is creating a negative association with me because when I mist he runs for the hills. Do I have to hit him with the misting or can I spray the lower part of his enclosure away from him. I don't see him drink so I worry about hydration. I do have a dripper that I put ice cubes into and the paper towel at the bottom gets pretty wet.

any insight.
Put hot water in your misting bottle and then make sure it isnt to warm when i comes out. It cools down a lot by time it hits the cage. Start spraying at top of cage away from your cham. Then slowly move the mist towards his tail end and let him get use to it. This method worked great for me. Now my cham will go to his favorite drinking spot under some leaves and drink. He will also let the mist hit his face and drink. I never spray him directly in the face. He chooses to stand under the mist.
What are you using to spray the cage? When I first got my Cham I had a hand sprayer from 1$ store and my Cham hated that he would always run and hide. So now I have upgraded to a big sprayer (picture below). And now sometimes when he's doesn't feel like getting wet he will go and hide but other wise he seems to be excited about it and will just sit on the branch and feel the mist and lick lips!

My panther hates misting...I usually let him out and I'll spray the cage down really good and then he goes back in. During sheds I use warm water.
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