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Hey everyone I just have a few questions about my veiled chameleon Czar. I have had him for a few months now and he is a little over 5 months old. For about the last week he seems like he really wants out of his cage. He walks all around and goes right by the door and looks like he is looking for a way out. His cage is 18" by 18" by 36". He has a live plant and fake plants and vines. Since he has been doing this I have been trying to take him out once or twice a day. At first he was really really angry when I tried to grab him and turned almost black and was hissing at me. But the last few days he has been a little better when I get him. I will open the door and he will mob out and get on top of his cage usualy and sometimes almost walk onto my arm but he will still hiss if I put my hand in his cage. If I grab him off the top of his cage he doesn't seem to mind too much. Yesterday when I brought him out I took him outside and walked to get my mail about 200yds, he just hung out on my shoulder and seemed to like it. So I feel like he is getting better and is enjoying coming out. My main question and concern is that as soon as I am ready to put him back in his cage and we get close to his cage he pretty much runs into it as fast as he can and goes up to his basking area and tries to pretty much hug his light. Could there be a reason why he wants out so bad? Is His cage too small? Too many plants? Or is he just curious? My other concern is that he wakes up about an hour sometimes two before his light comes on. And sometimes he will go to bed 30 min to an hour before his light goes off, he won't go to sleep he will just get in the area he sleeps. I have his lights come on at 10am and go off at 9pm. My apartment is pitch black during the day without any lights on so I don't think he would know when the sun actually comes up. I'm just wondering if I should change his light times at all? Thank you for anyone that has read through all this and responses will be much appreciated. I love my little guy CZAR and want everything to be perfect for him. Thanks again.


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I have my lights set to come on at 7 AM and go off at 8 PM. My boy Rebel (veiled aprox. 10-12 months old) is in his sleeping spot at around 6 and out by 6:30 PM even tho the lights don't go off until 8. He is right in front of a window and it doesn't matter that it is still daylight out he goes to bed same time every night. I think it is because I got him from a pet store and they closed at 6:30. I have no idea how long he was there but no matter what he is out by 6:30 every night. He has seemed to be trying to get out more too. I have a mini free range area set up right next to his cage and he makes a run for the door when I have it open. He hates to be held so I just let him crawl up the door and get onto his free range. He always goes to the highest point and looks around a bit and then he will start exploring. I put a tall cup with feeders in it in the plant pot and he will go down to eat. ( I swear, that boy will eat anywhere and any time....even when we are traveling or he is shedding ). I do know that Czar will need a bigger cage soon. Rebel is in the same size cage and I will be building one soon. I was gonna do it this summer break but had to get my daughter moved into an apartment for school. Hope this helps.:D
The Jackson that I just got from the pet store does the same thing. She is out out like a light at 8pm even if the lights are still on. I have mine set for 9 to 9 time. Makes me feel a little better about mine...wish I could go to bed on time
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