My Sulu keeper


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I named him Kane and he's is absolutely beautiful !!!the white on the face is exactly what I wanted , looks like his daddy . I'll pray he's safely shipped this week . So glad I waited for my crazy eyed Cham !wait till I post his new crib I put together for him ...he gonna love it


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I got some picture updates of Chekov. His reds are starting to get more intense. I'm really happy with the way he is turning out. Should make some great babies in a few more months!
Chekov is FIRE!! Good thing i got a couple sisters :D.


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We love the laid back disposition of Sid and his color development is spectacular! His half sibling Flynn is terrific too - we are very happy - it's cool to see yours and other Crazy Eye cham owners chameleons as they grow up as well!
growing and getting such beautiful colors!

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