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I was checking the baby r. brevs tonight before turning in, and found these two in a sleepy battle for the best spot in their cage. They are about 3 weeks old now.

Hahahaha! Awesome capture. I find it hilarious when you see them roosting side by side for the night, even in huge tanks with few oppupants.

Any agression between the boogers yet?
No real pronounced aggression. Some jostling for spots, an occasional climb over your sibling because they are in your way. No tail nips, biting, etc. This particular container has the largest three babies in it. The other is behind the leaves somewhere. In a week or so, they will be moved to the 10 gallon I think. Or, to one of the kritter keepers that still haven't arrived even though I ordered them 2 and a half weeks ago...

Great photo heika... I think the cham on top is winning.

good luck with those critter keepers :rolleyes:
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