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Hello, new member here. Have had my Jackson’s chameleon for almost a year. He’s about a year and 2 months old. Recently developed this spot on his knee. Wondering if anyone has any advice before I bring him to the vet. Thanks!


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Hello and warmest welcome :). I also have a Jackson’s. Aren’t they simply amazing?

I’m not sure about his sweet little knee myself. I’ll tag some people with a lot more experience to chime in and see what they think. @MissSkittles @Beman
Thank you! Yes they are amazing. Here is a picture from his most recent shed. He is the sweetest boy.


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Is there any way he could have been close enough to his basking bulb to get a burn? I only suggest that because it's black. If not then a biopsy will be the only way to get a solid answer.
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