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Here is my Ambilobe Panther Set-up. Got the Cham 3 weeks ago from Kammerflage. Liddy has been incredible to work with and I cannot imagine getting a Cham anywhere else.

The cage is a custom unit from Cages By Design. It is 36”H x 36”L x 24”D and has a matching Cages By Design Stand on the same dimensions. I know it is not a screened enclosure but in Michigan, without a climate controlled room, it would be virtually impossible to obtain the perfect climate with a screened cage due to the weather extremes of warm and cold. The cage is vented well though with 6 large vents on the sides and back. That with a steel wire top with ½” openings and a ceiling fan just overhead, the ventilation is perfect.

I wanted the cage to be fully automated as I work a lot and do not want to worry about anything. Between the Herpstat Pro and a Promist system, all I have to worry about is feeding him and cleaning the cage. I can monitor the entire system over the internet and if the climate falls outside of the settings I set, I get both an email and text message (power outage, burnt out bulb). If I want to alter a setting all I have to do is go online and change the settings. The Herpstat software also allows me to hook up a web cam for viewing so that will be my next project. I will be purchasing another Herpstat Pro before the winter as I will need the extra outlets by then. If anyone is looking for a good controller, I would highly recommend the Herpstat Pro and the company is incredible to deal with. Same goes for the Promist unit. I would never consider anything else. Awesome people to deal with.

Other misc. stuff is 2 basking bulbs and a 36” reptisun 5.0 bulb that runs the top of the cage. I need to set up 2 ceramic heat emitters for winter however. The Herpstat Pro will control them to turn on only when the temp drops below 55-60 degrees. This will ensure the coldest the cage will ever get is 55-60. It will get cold in the room during the winter. They would only be running at night as the basking lights are off then. Just last Friday, although it was almost 80 during the day, but at night the room temperature dropped to 60 for a shot period.

Anyway that’s my set-up. I hope this gives someone good ideas for their Cham. Let me know if you have any questions.



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Thanks guys. Yeah, it did cost a little but I wanted to do it right and did not want anything to be questionable and did not want to worry about anything. I had all the equipment set-up for a month before I even had the Cham. Wanted to make sure that I was able to stabilize the temp/humidity and other settings before he was delievered.
Hey where do you get the Herpstat Pro? I am staying in Buffalo, NY. Same problem with the day and night temperature difference. I might buy 1 if it is readily available and cheap! Thanks:D
Hey where do you get the Herpstat Pro? I am staying in Buffalo, NY. Same problem with the day and night temperature difference. I might buy 1 if it is readily available and cheap! Thanks:D

You can order the unit direct from the manufacture.

Very nice unit and very, very good customer service. The unit is even made in the USA!

I beleive these unit are more popular with the snake folks and I am pretty sure were originally designed to be used as incubater control devices...though I am not 100% sure. The only issue I had with it since I got it is that for the night drop feature wouldn't accomodate for a large temp drop that Panthers like. I called up the manufacture and he wrote a version of firmware just to accomadate me!

If this is unit is too expensive for you or is more than you need, check out their site as they offer many other devices that are lower in price. Very good stuff and very good company. I promise you one thing is once you have one, you kick yourself for not getting one sooner. It's hard for me to imagine having a cham without one of these.
Holy cow.........thats pretty expensive. I have about 12 cage to take care of and the maximum outlet for a Herpstat is 4.... so i would need 3... 1200USD. Oh gosh.......!!!!! I guess i will get one when i am done with school!!:D
Herpstat ND

I purchased the Herpstat ND from Spyder Robics because of the built in night drop feature, and they just seemed to have more standard features than the Helix. The ND cost me $156.00.....I purchased it on Tuesday and it was here on Thursday. It was definately money well spent. However, I do wish I had the money to purchase the Herpstat Pro.....The features on the pro are unsurpassed by a long shot! A reason to go out and buy another cham....or perhaps a couple!!! :D
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