My orange T. Deremensis girl - Orangina


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This girl is the only orange T. deremensis I have every kept, or seen for that matter. She is a wild caught I got back in 2013 and she never lost her color.

When I tried to breed her last year it ended up being a disaster. Not only was getting her to lay not easy, but the eggs I did get ended up going bad. I suspect my male may have been a little too old. After that very stressful ordeal, she developed an eye/mouth infection that has left her with some permanent complications including a bum right eye and a broken jaw that continues to be prone to infection. Now I just try to make her comfortable and manage her infection prone mouth.

Being so unique, I am a bit disappointed that will not have the opportunity to breed her in the future to see if the coloring would be passed down to her offspring. She has been a joy to keep over the years nonetheless.

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