deremensis chameleon

  1. LovitaVelvet

    My orange T. Deremensis girl - Orangina

    This girl is the only orange T. deremensis I have every kept, or seen for that matter. She is a wild caught I got back in 2013 and she never lost her color. When I tried to breed her last year it ended up being a disaster. Not only was getting her to lay not easy, but the eggs I did get ended...
  2. LilBlue

    New Chameleons - Deremensis and Melleri

    A dream come true for me! On Saturday I picked up 0.0.2 Meller's, and 1.1 3 Horn Usambara Chameleons. My local reptile store brought these guys in, saw he posted them Friday night on fb and I was there at opening next morning :D First thing was get everyone showered, they all drank well and...
  3. LLLReptile

    Deremensis Chameleons in stock now!

    Beautiful and incredible - check out our Deremensis Chameleons! Males $99.99 each Females $89.99 each Click here to see our full inventory of available chameleons! -Jen
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