1. LovitaVelvet

    My orange T. Deremensis girl - Orangina

    This girl is the only orange T. deremensis I have every kept, or seen for that matter. She is a wild caught I got back in 2013 and she never lost her color. When I tried to breed her last year it ended up being a disaster. Not only was getting her to lay not easy, but the eggs I did get ended...
  2. torquasprings

    Another one of my T. montiums

    Alright, so, since John liked the pic I sent of his/my baby so much that he posted it up (thanks for that, John. :) I'm super glad to see that you're as happy with how handsome he turned out as I am. :) ), I thought I'd post a pic of my bigguy too. :P
  3. J

    what chameleon species have character/ personality?

    Iv always wanted chameleons that look good or look interesting but since getting 4 kinyongia boehmei and seeing there really interesting quirks and personality I wondered what other chameleons are active and interesting to watch? Would love to research them in view of buying some in the future...
  4. Zach Valois

    Montane/submontane Basking Temps?

    Perhaps I have overlooked some information somewhere, but I am having a hard time deciding on what is an appropriate basking temp for some of the montane/submontane taxa (Trioceros, Kinyongia, etc). I have been running 40 watt tube incandescents (Sun Glo Bulbs) in 12x12x18, 18x18x24, and...
  5. kenya

    Feeding Snails to Chams (video and general info)

    Hi guys, I thought you might like it if I shared a video of my male Jackson's enjoying a snail. Snails are thought to be relished by montane species and are a good source of calcium and a great addition to a varied diet. I raise my own snails to assure that they are parasite and chemical...
  6. R. Acuminatus

    R. Acuminatus

    Sub adult R. Acuminatus
  7. Kinyongia Tenuis

    Kinyongia Tenuis

    Gravid Female K. Tenuis
  8. Peek-a-boo.


    Baby Tr.ellioti checking out the camera.
  9. My Chameleons

    My Chameleons

    The different species of chameleon i have.
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