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Hi, first time posting on the forum i just bought my first Veiled chameleon (Brendon) 3 and a half weeks a go. He was relly small when i got him and has not seem to have grow at all. He eats all the time and has be drinking from a waterfall i have in the cage. The thing i am worry about is his size and i am not sure of his age. So if some one could look at the pics and tell me what they think at whould be great. The pis are not very good so i will post some more tomarrow then i get my friends camera thanks for your time.


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Hello Drew, welcome to the Chameleon Forums :)

You should be noticing growth in the 3.5 weeks you have cared for the cham.

Get ready for a list of questions ;)
How big was he when you purchased him?
What are you feeding him? What size and how many per day?
What kind of supplements are you dusting the feeders with?
What are you feeding the feeders?
How are the cham's drinking habits?
Lastly, what kind of lights are you using?

This link has more questions that would help people learn more about your setup and give more accurate advice: [THREAD=66]asking for help[/THREAD].

nice pics :)

hi again well i have been feeding him 15 small crickets evey otherday not sure thats good:confused: and have be dusting them with cham dust by t rex they are feeding them orange cubs and a type of dust sry can not rember what they are call. I get from a pet store here in town. He has a 100w sun glo lamp and long uv lamb both by exoterra. He seems to be drinking fine from a water fall i have in the cage. It seems to me at he is about the same now as he was then i bought him but mabey only has grow lest than half an inch. This is my first cham and its be a big learing exp.Sry bother but i and also looking into put a live plant in for brendon if any one has a good choice that be great. Thanks for time
Hey some pics of the waterfall sry bad camera man


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I would say that a better day to judge growth is by weight. I know that when I look at my chameleon on a daily basis I don't think that he's grown at all. But someone who hasn't seen him in a few weeks will comment "OH MY GOSH look how big he's gotten!" I remember one time I went into the vet with my chameleon very concerned after a few weeks that he hadn't grown any since the last time I brought him in. Upon weighing him we found that he had almost TRIPLED his weight. oops. So I just pop into my vet with the occasionally to get them weighed. My vet wont charge if a client just pops in to get a weight done. That way too if they get sick you have a healthy "base" weight to compare to, and if I find that he's lost or maintained weight then I'm right there to have my vet look at him.
ps/ -- I fed my baby as much as he would eat three times a day, which my vet said attributed to his fast growth. My first baby would eat 10 crickets twice a day and 10 meal worms once a day. My second baby boy eats maybe 5-7 crickets twice a day and 8 meal worms once a day and 2-3 wax worms once a day. I also always try to leave 2-3 crickets hanging around in the cage in case the cham gets hungry.

hey thanks for the info i will look into geting him weighing and try and see if he will eat more. One thing how did you feed him wax worms did you just let them lose or put them in a cup? Thanks again
Hey Drew, nice Cham, but from looking at his legs (they look skinny) and his casque is small(is that what the thing on their heads is called?), I'd say he is young maybe around 2-3 months?
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