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Finally got everything together today and got my exo ready for a pair or trio of pygmies. I still have a couple things to add/adjust. I need some leaf litter on the bottom and I think I'm going to use my extra coconut liner to cover the sides of the viv. I'm picking up new bulbs tomorrow and then I should be ready for some pygs!! :D

I spent about $150 for everything, including the 18x18 exo-terra. The layers of substrate are 1) hydroton 2) coconut fiber sheet 3) charcoal (for water purification and extra drainage) 4) more coconut fiber 5) a mix of organic soil, vermaculite, and eco-earth. I washed each plant down to the roots to get rid of any old soil with fertilizers or chemicals. I'm going to use a reptisun 2.0 for the pygs and plants.

What do you guys think? Suggestions are welcome.

What are some good places to find pygmies?? I can't seem to find anyone who has them for sale...
I am expecting to find Brevs, but I'd be absolutely delighted to find Spectrum or Temporalis. Rhampholeon viridis would be my favorite.


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Or check the sponsors on this site. If you can't find any there, you can also check the classifieds on
Just ordered 6 pygmies (2 males and 4 females, Brevs) that should arrive tomorrow morning! Three are going in my viv and the other three are going to a friend on Friday. I've never had an animal shipped to be before, and I have never bought WC chameleons either. Is there anything special I should do when they arrive aside from getting them hydrated? Should I offer crickets right away or would it be better to let them settle in for the day?

With pygmies, as small as they are, should I have fecals done? Can you even treat something so small for parasites?

My temp is 73-76, humidity ranges from 40-70% between mistings and higher just after. Does that sound alright? I want everything perfect for them when they arrive.
I know you cant wait congrats its like xmas when the mail man comes. But when I order live stock by mail I always call the mail provider and see If I can pick up the package. I always do this to avoid my pets being stuck on the truck for a few extra hours. Fedex is five mins from my house and sometimes your package is their at 8am but they don't bring it till 10am. Most times the last thing their thinking about doing is eating once introduced into a new setup. But I always put some food in just incase someone's extra hungry.(very little 1 or 2 crickets). I plan to get some pygmies this weekend at the LI expo. You said 3 are for a friend are you keeping 2 females and 1 male?
I'm not able to pick up the package, although I'll keep that in mind next time. They come tomorrow morning before noon, and unfortunately I work in an elementary school from 8-12, and then head straight to my own classes. Someone else will be home to receive/sign for the package. I'm going to leave the elementary school half hour early, so I can come home and unpack the pygs before I have to head to class.
I would have liked to wait until I had a day that I would be home when they arrived, but that's hardly possibly with my school schedule and the weekend will be very cold (I wouldn't feel safe shipping them). So I've made sure someone else will be home all morning, and they're expecting the package. I'll leave time to come home and get them situated.
How about an update? =0) I came on doing research on Panthers.. and I think I may end up putting a viv together for some Pygs now since I have most materials laying around from my Dart Frog addiction... Anyhow.. Thanks for the inspiration .. and don't forget some pics :)
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