can't find an old post about bioactive

I remember there being a very helpful post that went over pretty much everything you need to know in order to set up a bioactive enclosure. It had well organized sections with visuals for the different parts like the layers (substrate, drainage), soil composition, and necessary critters. I thought I had bookmarked it and but I can't find it so any help looking for this thread would be appreciated

Specifically, I have some mix ingredients for substrate but I can't remember the ratios. I have:

coconut fiber
sphagnum moss
regular potting soil (can't remember if I got this for the substrate or for my potted plants in the build, or both)
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The blog post @DocZ shared is the one I think you're looking for. It's equal parts of sand, coarse substrate, soil, and sphagnum moss. Drainage later beneath that and then leaf litter on top.
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