My new fav cham plant?


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I added a bunch of tropical cuttings to my bioactive “baby” cages, and they’ve all taken off. Now when I have a struggling plant or a newly rooted propagation, in the cham cages they go! Perfect growing conditions.

Anyway, one of the cuttings I added was Horsehead Philodendron (philodendron bipennifolium). It wasn’t love at first sight for me, but as its grown, it’s solidified its spot as a plant I’ll put in every cage.

Care is easy - it can handle various levels of light, including low light. Leaves get the size of your hand, even a bit larger for a mature plant. I let mine climb on its own and the stems get very thick and bendy. They drape and fall across the other branches and make excellent vines. You can also plant it next to cork and it will climb and attach itself to that.

Philodendrons like to be a bit root bound, so if you want to hang it higher in your cage, a relatively large plant can live happily in a 4” pot! Mine are just planted in the bottom and draping around the middle branches.

Thought I’d share for anyone looking for an alternative to pothos. In the photos, its the plant that starts at the bottom, front left corner and climbs and droops diagonally through the middle.

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