My new CHEAP insect enclosures

Brad Ramsey

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I got the idea from Heika but haven't seen her trash can enclosures.
Here's how I did it.
This could even work for neonates if you made a screen covered opening in the lid and suspended a UVB light over 3 or 4 of them.
I used a wood burner to melt out the openings and covered them with
window screening.
The screen can be attached with hot glue, silicone or duct tape.
I am going to use these for mantids and ....?
The cans are about 16 inches high, have snap on lids and were $4.00 ea. @ Big Lots!
Sterilite is my favorite brand for bug containers.

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Originally I ordered egg cases from Ward's scientific which ended up being a waste of money. Old and dead!
E-bay is the place to go!
Mossyoaks is who I purchased from and delivery was fast, fast, fast!
Much better looking and fresh. Just collected in Maine in March.
Go to e-bay and search "Praying Mantis"

I Live In The Palm Springs Desert And Mantids Are Here From June Thru October Like Dirt. I Never Thought Of Them As Feeders, They Have Intrigued Me As Pets For Years. Since They Are So Common I Will Try It And Would Be Willing To Trade With Anyone, But For What I Don't Know, Advice? They Are A Solitary Insect And Would Be Hard To Ship At A Reasonable Rate. So I Guess Its Not A Great Idea. Sucks For You Guys But My Heart Was In The Right Place.
I used a wood burner to melt out the openings and covered them with
window screening.

I used a wood burner on some rubbermaid storage containers---

Isn't that just about the worst smell ever?

all the fumes kept trying to to travel straight up my nose.
Hey, that looks very, very familiar! Nice looking bug enclosure, Brad. My mini trashcans are identical except that the bases on them are clear, and I cut out most of the lid for the screen instead of the side. I house ...? in them.. :eek:

I got mine at Big Lots, too. I think they are a Big Lots specialty. They work well for lots of things, including storing grain, etc. for bugs.
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